Our lawyers understand the diversity and complexity of the energy industry and the unique challenges faced by each of its many sectors. We have a deep bench of lawyers with degrees in mechanical, civil, chemical, and other pertinent fields of engineering and science. We also have lawyers with hands-on engineering and management experience in the industry, such as nuclear steam supply system design, and oil and gas exploration and drilling.

Whether your business is focused on renewable technologies such as solar, wind, hydroelectric, geothermal, or biofuels; or non¬renewable technologies such as coal, oil, natural gas, or uranium; or smart-grid solutions, we have the technical and legal know-how to help you build and protect your most valuable intellectual property assets. From the production of energy to its delivery, we understand all facets of the energy industry, including extraction, manufacturing, refining, distribution, and use monitoring.

We have represented industry leaders and start-ups involved in a wide range of energy-related technologies, including biomass to power plant collection and transport, cellulosic ethanol conversion, thermoelectric power generation, power plant cable and wire fault detection, turbine blade design, oil well monitoring, oil additives, wind turbines, semiconductor photovoltaic design and manufacture, and hardware and software for tracking and optimizing energy use. Our energy work encompasses preparing and prosecuting patent applications, negotiating licenses, litigating patents, and providing opinions on patentability, validity, and freedom to operate.