Environmental Insurance Counseling and Recovery

To protect our clients against unique risks, our team drafts and negotiates insurance policies for some of the most complex projects and circumstances. When a loss occurs, we endeavor to get the best recovery possible.

Venable's environmental and insurance attorneys partner with clients to negotiate and secure insurance policies that cover costs related to clean-up, toxic tort claims, natural resource damages, property damage, personal injury, and other types of settlements. From representing the city agency charged with redeveloping the World Trade Center site after 9/11 to advising a state government in connection with settling a multi-hundred-million-dollar pollution claim, our attorneys regularly negotiate manuscript policies that are tailored to address our clients' particular circumstances and unique concerns. We have also helped some of the nation's leading insurance carriers draft their standard pollution policy forms.

Our team assists clients, including major government contractors, in recovering for environmental losses under historic commercial general liability policies. This may involve policy archaeology, reconstructing historic insurance policies, or litigating to resolve coverage disputes.

We represent clients ranging from airports to hotel chains and developers of brownfield sites in connection with major pollution and other insurance claims. When such a claim is filed, or if coverage litigation is filed against our clients, we help them to achieve the best possible recovery and, when necessary, will file litigation against the insurance company. Our team also includes attorneys with extensive remediation and toxic tort experience who offer sophisticated counsel on such determinations.