Environmental Transactions, Due Diligence, and Audits

From negotiating deal documents, to implementing due diligence or conducting an audit, Venable's environmental transaction team helps clients understand, assess, address, and mitigate environmental liabilities in any context.

Our team assists clients across the country in successfully navigating the environmental aspects of any transaction, including purchases, sales, and loans. Drafting representations, warranties, and indemnities and undertaking appropriate environmental due diligence are critical to avoiding, mitigating, and managing post-closing consequences. Whether advising lenders on the environmental risk associated with financing deals involving brownfields or other contaminated properties, or helping developers procure necessary permits for hazardous wastes or spills on their property or participate in voluntary cleanup programs in connection with the redevelopment of a contaminated property, our attorneys work to navigate transactional challenges associated with potential environmental liabilities while striving to shield clients from such liability in a manner that furthers the client's business objectives.

Our attorneys also facilitate other aspects of environmental work arising in the transactional context, including assistance in evaluating and retaining technical consultants; interpreting Phase I site assessments and additional site investigation reports; interfacing with local, state, and federal environmental agencies; and procuring environmental insurance to mitigate environmental exposure going forward. No matter how complex the transaction, Venable attorneys draw on their experience and pragmatism to assess and minimize our clients' exposure.