Washington Know-How

Venable knows the Washington regulatory arena inside and out

We understand government agencies and the officials who run them.  Many of our attorneys and legislative advisors previously distinguished themselves in senior roles in federal and state governments.  When it comes to regulatory compliance, we use our extensive experience, both inside and outside the government, to deliver exceptionally well-informed strategic advice and pragmatic legal solutions. 

Our attorneys help clients comply with complex regulations and avoid government inquiries.  Should it become necessary, we work with them throughout the course of government investigations.  Our experience enables us to move quickly to prevent matters from turning into formal enforcement actions.  Across a wide range of industries and issues, Venable provides strategic counsel at the place where business, policy, and government regulations intersect.

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Venable knows how to get your message in front of the right people

We know the ropes, the substance and the players.  Our team includes former Members of Congress, Congressional staff, Cabinet Members, and important agency officials.  Our government affairs professionals understand our clients’ businesses, the issues they face, and the outcomes they are seeking in their interactions with the government.  Our reputation and relationships in Washington provide our clients with access to an extensive network of contacts on Capitol Hill and throughout the Executive Branch.
Our attorneys work with clients on a wide array of issues and opportunities, from mitigating the risk of an investigation, to seeking federal funding, identifying procurement opportunities, helping with tax policy matters, and advocating positions on pending legislation.  Our cross-disciplinary team provides clients with the resources they need – legislative, regulatory, policy formation, and litigation - so they’ll have confidence that their points-of-view will be heard by people who can help.

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