Wellbrand® Naming Solutions


Venable’s Wellbrand® service is an innovative naming solution that accelerates the process of developing brand names. By teaming with you in the early stages of name development and conducting naming ideation and clearance under one roof, we develop already-cleared naming options that avoid the usual trademark pitfalls and help you "get to yes" faster.

Offered by Venable’s award-winning Trademark Prosecution and Brand Management Group—and already used successfully by the Fortune 500—the Wellbrand service bridges the gap between marketing needs and legal know-how to help avoid the naming delays and expense overruns often associated with brand name ideation and clearance. Our attorneys draw on a deep well of experience to identify names that are more likely to reach registration at the Trademark Office (USPTO) and avoid distinctiveness refusals, third-party challenges, and other problems.* Our team uses a multifaceted approach that includes (1) leaning on the creative strengths of some of our most experienced attorneys; (2) pulling from our deep knowledge about the types of brands that succeed, from having managed thousands of them; and (3) leveraging our globally recognized trademark law intelligence to avoid legal pitfalls and expediently deliver a list of pre-cleared choices. Our goal: to ensure that your brands are relevant, impactful, and capable of being protected in an ever-changing marketplace.

Through the Wellbrand service, Venable can provide already-cleared naming options at key moments in product development, identify workaround options for outside-developed names that do not clear, and offer naming alternatives to resolve disputes quickly. This service supports marketing professionals and in-house counsel, by providing an alternative to the usual slow and expensive process of doing brand ideation internally or through an advertising agency lacking trademark law expertise. Tired of hearing “no” from your trademark counsel after investing in brand ideation through an agency? Get to “yes” faster with Venable’s Wellbrand naming solutions service.

For thirteen years, Venable’s Trademark Prosecution and Brand Management group and its members have been recognized among the best of the best by World Trademark Review (WTR) 1000: The World’s Leading Trademark Professionals. WTR has recognized one of the founders of the Wellbrand service as a “Global Leader” for the last five years, based in part on the groundbreaking nature of this service, which is one of the first of its kind offered by a trademark law practice worldwide.

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*Names provided will clear a preliminary U.S. federal registry search, with no more than moderate risk of USPTO refusal or third-party challenge. A full search is needed to more fully assess risk. Venable does not warrant that any name is definitively available.