November 10, 2008

Craig Thompson interviewed by the Baltimore Business Journal

2 min

On November 10, 2008, the Baltimore Business Journal published an extensive interview with Craig Thompson, a partner in the Baltimore office and Venable's new Diversity Chair. The article featured Thompson's comments on his book "The ABCs of Black History: a Children's Guide" and his goals for diversity in the workplace.

Thompson said he knows his goals will be achieved "when no company, corporation or association feels the need to have a discussion about diversity. When it becomes as common as breathing."

Thompson commented on his three-pronged approach to diversity in the workplace - the recruitment, retention and success of diverse legal and non-legal staff. He also spoke about a recent lecture hosted by Venable featuring Juan Williams, a broadcaster on National Public Radio, who discussed the legacy of former Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall. The lecture was one of Thompson's first orders of business as Diversity Chair, as well as making copies of Mr. William's book available to Venable employees.

By sharing Williams' book, Thompson wanted Venable staff to glean "that we're the product of his legacy, and that most of us are here as a direct result of his attempts to dismantle a segregated society [with] segregated laws. And once we understand his legacy, his tradition, his history, and our attachment to it, then we have a better understanding of who we are in relation to each other as well."