November 06, 2008

Maury Baskin quoted in Reuters article on changes in store for Washington DC

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A new administration always brings changes to the Washington power structure, with the fortunes of lobbyists, aides and supporters both rising and falling. According to a November 5, 2008 Reuters article, industry lobbyists, among others, may have to adjust to their significantly decreased level of influence in the Obama Administration as the President-elect is expected to stand by his pledge to involve few lobbyists.

"With the election of Barack Obama and gains for Democrats in the House and Senate, businesses both large and small can count on a radically different landscape in Washington," said Maurice Baskin, Chair of Venable's Labor and Employment Practice Group.

With more than 3,000 political appointee jobs on the table, the transition process and political appointments are expected to take months - though some Obama transition team members have already been vetted by the FBI. For Republicans leaving these vacancies and trying to re-enter the private sector the outlook may prove gloomy with the current fragile economy.