August 24, 2011

John Cooney honored as the Featured Member of the Administrative Conference of the United States

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The Administrative Conference of the United States has honored John Cooney as its Featured Member, in recognition of his contributions in developing a Recommendation that federal agencies adopt procedures to guard against potential abuses in the procurement process.

The Administrative Conference of the United States is a federal agency that makes recommendations to sister agencies about steps they should take to improve the quality of the services that they deliver to the public. Cooney is a Public Member of ACUS and Chairman of its Committee on Administration and Management.

With the advice and counsel of Tom Madden, Cooney led the Committee in the development of a recommendation that the Federal Acquisition Regulatory Council should draft government-wide rules governing when entities that participate in the federal procurement process should be required to establish programs governing against conflicts of interest by their personnel and against abuse of sensitive information in situations in which an agency has contracted out performance of governmental functions to private sector firms. The Recommendation was adopted by the General Assembly of ACUS at its Plenary Session on June 17, 2011.