November 17, 2011

Ron Jacobs quoted in Washington Post on affiliations between super PACs and campaigns

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Venable partner Ron Jacobs was quoted in a November 16, 2011 Washington Post article on the affiliation between Our Destiny PAC and the campaign of Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman. The article noted that the chief strategist for the PAC was once directly affiliated with the Huntsman campaign, helping to create a series of commercials introducing Huntsman. It also noted the FEC requires a 120 day “cooling off” period after an operative leaves a campaign to work with an allied group.

Commenting on the FEC rule, Jacobs, who serves as the PAC’s counsel, said, “The rule is not a hard-and-fast prohibition on vendors or employees working on an independent expenditure committee for 120 days after they leave a campaign.” Jacobs also commented on a new commercial released by the PAC saying, “We have been very careful to make certain that all of Our Destiny PAC’s activities comply with this rule and that no inside information was used in creating the new advertisements.”