February 07, 2012

Mike Volpe and Ed O'Toole quoted in Chicago Daily Law Bulletin on suits against law schools

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Venable partners Mike Volpe and Ed O’Toole were quoted in a February 6, 2012 article in the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin about 14 pending lawsuits filed against various law schools. The suits allege the law schools are misrepresenting statistics on employment secured by students following graduation. Volpe and O’Toole represent New York Law School, one of the schools being sued.

Volpe and O’Toole called the suits “a crusade” against law schools and the American Bar Association (ABA). Added Volpe, “We think the complaints are without merit and they should be dismissed.” Noting that they had looked at all of the pending complaints, O’Toole said, “It’s our position that at least the schools we’ve studied have complied fully with the ABA’s collection and publication requirements for post-graduate employment date and related information.”

Volpe and O’Toole recently filed a motion to dismiss the suit against New York Law School arguing, “the cardinal ‘wrong’ alleged…is that the ABA’s rules, which are promulgated pursuant to federal law and which plaintiffs readily concede govern every accredited law school in the country do not require detailed post-graduate information.” If New York Law School’s employment statistics comply with ABA standards, Volpe and O’Toole argue this “precludes any assertion” that the school is providing misleading information.