March 14, 2012

Bart Stupak pens op-ed in The Hill on rising gas prices

1 min

Venable partner, and former Michigan Congressman, Bart Stupak penned an op-ed in the March 9, 2012 issue of The Hill on rising gas prices entitled “Easing the pain at the pump.” In the op-ed, Stupak notes the potential impact of rising gas prices on the 2012 presidential election and offers policy suggestions to bring down prices.

In the op-ed, Stupak writes, “In response to the public’s sticker shock at the pump, the White House and Congressional Democrats must do more than to just blame Wall Street speculators and/or collusion by the oil industry. The blame game makes for good press opportunities, but it won't bring down the price of gasoline.” To help ease prices, Stupak suggests, “The most obvious action the White House can employ is the prompt approval of the Keystone Pipeline Project,” and “The Obama administration can also urge the EPA to provide oil companies, and refiners in particular, with a clearer understanding of its intentions.”