June 29, 2012

Law360 quotes John Cooney on impact of ACA Supreme Court ruling on contractors

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Venable partner John Cooney was quoted in a June 28, 2012 Law360 article on the impact of the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Affordable Care Act on contractors. The law authorizes $100 billion in mandatory funding and another $100 billion in discretionary funding which contractors will be competing for to implement the law.

“The demand for health care is about to explode as we baby boomers age, so it will be critical for health care providers to reduce costs,” said Cooney commenting on the Supreme Court’s decision. “That's where the government is going to put all its marbles.” Cooney added that the White House and the Department of Health and Human Services likely planned for major funding disruptions saying, “The planning process that the White House had to go through in preparation for a possible upset has now turned into an asset…Contracts will shift towards the areas they found most promising, areas they would've tried to fund by other means if the law had been thrown out.”