Jim Burnley quoted in DC Velocity on new transportation funding bill’s impact on freight industry

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Venable partner and former U.S. Secretary of Transportation Jim Burnley was quoted in a July 11, 2012 article in DC Velocity on a recently signed law that provides $105 billion over a 27 month period funding U.S. surface transportation projects and its impact on the freight industry. The new law does not contain a freight section or program mandating federal funding; however, it leaves it up to states to make the case that freight-generating proposals should be funded.

Commenting on the new law, Burnley said it "will enhance freight movements in the years to come.” Burnley noted that the bill will streamline the multi-year process for project approval and exempts routine and emergency road repairs from environmental reviews. Burnley added that the bill’s language will “make it easier for states to build and maintain highways that can accommodate the continuing growth in freight movements.”