November 28, 2012

Hollywood Reporter and Yahoo News quote Andrew Price on increased trademark lawsuits in Hollywood

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In articles on November 17 and 21, 2012, The Hollywood Reporter and Yahoo News quoted Venable partner Andrew Price on the series of high-profile trademark lawsuits involving Hollywood. Some argue that legal battles over intellectual property rights in films and TV are becoming excessive and nitpicky. For example, JibJab, the producer of viral videos, sued the White Castle burger chain for releasing an ad campaign copying the look and feel of JibJab's cutout animation style.

Speaking hypothetically about a Hollywood director filing a similar claim to that of JibJab, Price said "It would be interesting to pursue something like that." Price also commented on the evolving trademark environment in Hollywood, saying "It used to be very hard to get Hollywood to pursue trademarks. Now they are waking up to the power of registration and claims. It's an overcorrection. They now want to file everything under the sun."