March 27, 2013

DM Confidential features Jonathan Pompan’s LeadsCon presentation

1 min

Last week, Venable partner Jonathan Pompan presented “What Lead Generators Need to Know About the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)” at the LeadsCon Buyers Summit in Las Vegas. The presentation provided an overview of the CFPB, its objectives, its authority, and takeaways for businesses generating leads. In a March 26, 2013 article, DM Confidential featured the ten most important slides from Pompan’s presentation.

During the presentation, Pompan called the CFPB “the new FTC for consumer financial products and services,” noting that despite its name, the CFPB has not created any new requirements regarding the products and services it regulates. However, Pompan added, the CFPB “is enforcing all laws that are presently on the books in a manner that hasn’t been seen before.”