Jim Burnley quoted in Journal of Commerce on government proposal to invest in priority ports

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The Journal of Commerce quoted Venable partner Jim Burnley in an article on October 14, 2013 on Congress’ bipartisan proposal to invest in priority ports so as to reduce import and export costs.

Because of limited funding, it’s been suggested that the government might only invest in specific ports vetted by market-based metrics. Responding to such a proposal, Burnley warned that central planning from the federal level stifles innovation, whereas the 35 years of deregulation in transportation and logistics industries has led to “astonishing improvements” to the U.S. supply chain. He added that the government doesn’t have a good record of “picking winners and losers.”

Besides, central planning “would still be an intensely political process,” and the idea that it wouldn’t be is “naïve,” Burnley concluded.