November 26, 2013

Baltimore Sun quotes Mitch Mirviss on alternative education services for foster children

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Venable partner Mitch Mirviss was quoted in a November 25, 2013 Baltimore Sun article on alternative education services for foster children. On Monday, the Baltimore Department of Social Services promised to review alternative education services after it was revealed the agency paid $40,000 to send children to a Philadelphia school where received a diploma in one day. The school where 80 Baltimore children took a three hour exam to receive a Philadelphia high school diploma has been shut down.

Following the revelations, Mirviss said he was “shocked” to learn this was a systematic practice. “It's obviously a sign of serious problems,” he said. “The government...should not be selling false illusions to foster kids.”

Pointing to court filings showing the Department of Social Services has failed to meet educational provisions of a recent consent decree; Mirviss said the department has not made education a priority. According to Mirviss, part of the departments struggles with educational issues stems from the high percentage of older children in the department’s care who want to make their own life decisions. In a court filing earlier this year, the department claimed to monitor 89% of foster children educational progress. Mirviss disputes that number because the department did not specify how it monitors children in its care.