December 16, 2013

Ashley Craig quoted by American Shipper on G6 Alliance’s plans to expand trade territory to Asia-Europe region

2 min

In a December 16, 2013 article, American Shipper quoted Venable partner Ashley Craig on the plans of the G6 Alliance – a group of the world’s three largest carriers Maersk, MSC and CMA CGM – to begin operating what they call the P3 Network in the Asia-Europe trade region. Initially, for its Global Regulatory Summit on shipping that was held on December 17, the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) decided that the Alliance’s P3 aspirations would be the focal topic of discussion.

As concerns loom about the FMC’s stance on P3, Craig said he is “inclined to say, at this moment, I don't see the commission seeking an injunction on the P3.”

Speaking before the Washington, DC chapter of the Propeller Club prior to the December Summit, Craig said he felt FMC chairman Mario Cordero was “potentially telegraphing to carriers, shippers and other stakeholders that the FMC was not going to try and dismantle this thing (the P3), but will probably try to strike a balance, getting the carriers to agree to more clarity, but letting the agreement take effect.”

Commenting on the presence of regulators from the People’s Republic of China (PRC) at the Summit, Craig said “From what I can put together, the PRC is digging in a bit here and likely to insist their carriers’ interests are included in some way and, if not, they are going to call for substantive change or some sort of oversight.”