January 02, 2014

Food Product Design features Claudia Lewis in video interview about the future of trans fats in the U.S.

1 min

In a video interview conducted at the recent Supply Side West conference in Las Vegas in November, Food Product Design quoted Venable partner Claudia Lewis about the future of trans fats in the U.S. in the wake of the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) preliminary determination that it is an unsafe ingredient for food use.

Explaining how the ingredient’s eradication might affect her clients and the food industry, Lewis said “the removal of trans fats will definitely have an impact. Any time you eliminate an ingredient from the marketplace it certainly can have an impact. So, the question is, are there alternative ingredients that our clients can use that the consumers will acknowledge and accept? Are there safety considerations with any of the alternative ingredients? How expensive will it be? Will those costs be passed onto the consumers? And, if this becomes a final decision by the agency, will it really help and impact the safety of consumers, ultimately?”