February 11, 2014

Baltimore Sun features Venable’s support for Tri To Help Indoor Triathlon For Epilepsy

2 min

In a February 8, 2014 article, the Baltimore Sun featured Venable’s support for the Tri To Help Indoor Triathlon For Epilepsy and the Stroup Kid For Kids Epilepsy Foundation. Founded in 2005 by Trent Stroup and his wife Tina, a Venable paralegal, in support of their daughter Addie, who suffers from a rare brain disorder known as Aicardi Syndrome, the event helps raise money for the Johns Hopkins Epilepsy Center. Starting with 32 participants who raised $3,200, today the event raises between $15,000 and $20,000 a year with 2,500 participants and has expanded to Washington, Connecticut, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Arizona. Stroup said his motivation for starting the race comes from his belief in the Epilepsy Center and what it has done for his daughter.

The article also quotes Venable partner Jeff Ayres who has participated in the race since 2009 “To know that I can assist their passion, and that it really is a passion for them, there's no better feeling,” said Ayres who helps raise money for the foundation with help from his colleagues at Venable. “As I've begun to do it, and reach out to my contacts, I just hear story after story of families that do have kids in that circumstance.”

The next race will be held on February 22 at the Merritt Athletic Clubs of Towson and Canton. It will include a 10-minute swim, a 30-minute bike ride and a 20-minute run. To learn more about the foundation please visit http://stroupkidsforkids.org/.