March 18, 2014

Multiple publications feature Jamie Barnett’s representation of Army captain in sexual assault trial against Brigadier General

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"She was literally trapped and bullied by one of the highest ranking officers in the United States Army…"

Venable partner and retired Navy Rear Admiral Jamie Barnett’s pro bono representation of an Army captain who accused Brigadier General Jeffrey Sinclair of sexual assault was featured in multiple publications. General Sinclair pleaded guilty to lesser charges in a deal accepted by a military judge on Monday with sentencing continuing this week. As part of the deal, the Army dropped the more severe violence related charge in exchange for an admission of guilt to several lesser charges. On March 17 and March 18, 2014, multiple publications featured news of the proceeding including the Washington Post, CNN, Fayetteville Observer, Christian Science Monitor, Reuters and the Associated Press which were both republished by other publications across the country.

In an interview with the Washington Post, Admiral Barnett said his client is satisfied with the plea deal but maintains she was sexually assaulted by General Sinclair. He said his client is glad the case is nearing an end and is ready to “move on with her life” and resume her military career. “She in no way is stepping away from the truth of it,” Admiral Barnett said of his client’s allegations.

In a statement featured in multiple publications, Admiral Barnett said “our client stands by her sworn testimony in open court that General Sinclair sexually assaulted her. General Sinclair has just pleaded guilty to multiple charges that clearly undermine his integrity and honesty for at least the last five years of his career. The strength of her testimony convicted him. It is ludicrous for his attorneys to claim, completely without support, that the charges of sexual assault were false.” Admiral Barnett added, “The military in general must learn that when a superior officer has authority over someone towards whom he is making improper advances, it is not a consensual affair. It is sexual abuse and a victimization of the junior person.” General Sinclair “literally sabotaged her career by altering her orders to keep her under his command and refusing her many requests to be transferred She was literally trapped and bullied by one of the highest ranking officers in the United States Army…She accepts the plea bargain as a deal that allows her to get on with her life and career, but she stands by every word of her testimony about his sexual assault.”

In addition to Admiral Barnett, partner Becky Pearson, a former Air Force Judge Advocate, provided counsel along with Army Captain Cassie Fowler of the Army’s Special Victims Counsel program.