April 23, 2014

The Hill quotes Rob Smith on election year lobbying efforts

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Venable Senior Legislative Advisor Rob Smith was quoted in The Hill on April 21, 2014 about rising revenue in Washington, DC lobbying shops and the outlook as the midterm elections approach. Despite a strong first quarter for many firms, 2014 is not expected to be a boom year. Despite this, Congress is expected to address several big-ticket items over the summer or in a lame duck session including the Medicare “doc fix,” tax extender, and a transportation bill reauthorization.

According to Smith, Venable is working to resolve issues before lawmakers are consumed by the campaign season. “From a macro perspective, the first half of the year is the only time you're going to get anything done,” he added. “We're all pretty much writing off [the third quarter],” including the August recess and midterm campaign.