August 28, 2014 | The Hill

The Hill quotes Rob Smith on Republican staff moves into the private sector

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Venable senior legislative advisor Rob Smith was quoted in an August 26, 2014 article in The Hill about the recent increase in Republican staffers on Capitol Hill jumping to the private sector. The moves come in anticipation of the GOP taking control of the Senate following the midterm elections. Some senior staffers could command salaries of up to $500,000 at some law and lobbying firms.

“My phone is ringing, and my inbox is active,” said Smith. “Not just staffers but soon-to-be former members, too.” While the GOP’s chances of controlling the Senate appear to be increasing, many firms have already hired up in anticipation of the switch in power. “Based on what was the conventional wisdom about what was supposed to happen,” Smith said referring to previous expectations of a Senate GOP majority, “there are a lot of law firms and lobby shops that have talent ready to come off the bench for a Republican Senate.”