November 26, 2014

C-SPAN’s Washington Journal interviews David Strickland on transportation topics

1 min

Venable partner David Strickland appeared on the November 26, 2014 broadcast of C-SPAN's Washington Journal to discuss a variety of topics including national transportation policy, safety initiatives, and travel during the holidays. Strickland, a former Administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, also fielded questions from viewers during the broadcast on transportation topics.

During the interview, Strickland said, "You cannot build your way out of traffic congestion" and suggested incentivizing people to use other forms of transit such as public transportation. Discussing his current work at Venable, Strickland said he works on automotive policy related to data security and privacy. He noted that cars are getting smarter and safer as technologies improve and one of the big issues in the future will be making sure automakers take care of the data collected by cars and use it appropriately.