November 26, 2014

New York Observer quotes Joshua Kaufman on estate sales

1 min

Venable partner Joshua Kaufman was quoted in a November 26, 2014 New York Observer article on estate sales. The article offered ten tips for getting the most value from an estate sale or auction.

"Don't leave it to your heirs to figure out what to do with, or more likely, fight over, all of the mind-blowing art, furniture or jewelry you've amassed. You won't be doing them any favors," said Kaufman. "Sit down and say, 'What are my goals? What do I want to happen to this? Where do I want it to go?'" he added. "You get to what your goal is and then you work backwards."

Kaufman noted that auctions are not the only option and said he advises clients to ask themselves, "Do I want to make gifts now while I'm alive so I have more say in the process and I'm there for the ribbon-cutting [and gratitude] and I get all the accolades?"