June 28, 2016

Law360 features Venable’s top 10 ranking by BTI Consulting for client relationships in the pharmaceutical industry

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In a June 28, 2016 article, Law360 featured BTI Consulting's listing of Venable as one of the top 10 firms in the country for strong client relationships in the pharmaceutical industry. A status that BTI refers to as "Clientopia" is achieved when a firm maximizes a client's value while getting recommendations for new business in the process. To do this, firms must demonstrate a deep understanding of industry-specific knowledge and know where the industry is headed.

Venable's top 10 ranking for client relationships comes a month after Chambers USA recognized the firm's Product Liability and Mass Torts Practice with its annual Client Service Award. The group is particularly well known for its defense of pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers in jurisdictions across the country.