June 2016

Washington Lawyer interviews Jennifer Bruton on Venable's new DC office

2 min

Venable partner Jennifer Bruton was interviewed in the June 2016 issue of the DC Bar's Washington Lawyer on the firm's upcoming move to its new office Washington, DC office early next year. The article focuses on new offices for several DC law firms aimed at appealing to the next generation of attorneys with an emphasis on open space and natural lighting. "Candidly, we're in our building a lot," said Bruton. "We work very hard. We should be comfortable when we're here. We should be able to recreate while we're here. We want to have amenities to make it as comfortable as possible."

Before deciding to move, Bruton said the firm undertook a transportation study to see how a new location would impact travel times for attorneys and staff. "We were cognizant of all the concerns. We didn't want to change for the sake of change, but we also didn't want to continue with the status quo for the sake of avoiding disruption," she said. "We did switch buildings, but we didn't switch neighborhoods. We didn't do anything that drastic. With new construction, we knew we would have a blank slate, though, which we viewed as a great opportunity."

The firm also solicited attorneys and staff for feedback on the new building resulting in a more flexible design allowing for greater mobility. It also includes a focus on employee well-being, green space, and a bocce court on the roof to continue the firm’s annual summer tournament. "There's an understanding that not only do we need to think about the needs of our younger lawyers, but also about the needs of our non-attorney staff, because they are integral to providing Venable's services to our clients," added Bruton.