November 07, 2016

Xconomy interviews Ari Schwartz on cybersecurity issues facing the next president

1 min

Ari Schwartz, Venable's Managing Director of Cybersecurity Services, was interviewed in a November 7, 2016 Xconomy article on cybersecurity issues facing the next president. Recent high-profile cyberattacks have made cybersecurity a crucial theme during this year’s election.

"I think the question really is how much emphasis do they put on [cybersecurity]," said Schwartz. "We do expect it would be a major national security agenda item." He added that a top priority for the next president should be protecting government IT systems. "We need procurement reform for the federal government to be able to better replace old technologies with modern, secure IT."

Schwartz also said he wants to see increased federal funding for research and development of cybersecurity automation technologies. "The threats are growing and changing at a rate where it is just not good enough to have analysts try to flag and catch issues," he said. "We need machine learning and automation to keep up with the curve."