December 19, 2016

USAE features Venable analysis of what a Trump Administration could mean for employee benefits plans at nonprofits

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A December 19, 2016 USAE article featured Venable's recent alert on what a Trump Administration could mean for the employee benefits plans of nonprofits. The alert, “The Trump Administration: What Will It Mean for the Employee Benefit Plans of Nonprofits?,” was written by Carol Calhoun, Thora Johnson, and Jeff Tenenbaum. Some of the possible changes it focuses on include the loosening of executive compensation rules, changes to the Affordable Care Act with an expansion of health savings accounts, and diminished enforcement of LGBT employee protections.

"The most important thing nonprofits can do right now is to monitor legislation and regulations at the state level," Calhoun told USAE. "With the historical role of the federal government cut back – through repeal of statutes, elimination of regulations, cancellation of executive orders, and cutbacks in agency staff leading to diminution in enforcement – we can expect to see states moving to fill the gap. And for nonprofits, this means learning to operate in an environment in which they must constantly be aware of fifty sets of laws, rather than primarily just one."