April 18, 2017

Bloomberg BNA quotes Doug Proxmire on border wall bidding process

1 min

Venable partner Doug Proxmire was quoted in an April 18, 2017, Bloomberg BNA article on the bidding process for President Donald Trump's proposed border wall between the United States and Mexico. Since opening the project up to bids, evidence suggest several hundred companies have expressed interest in bidding for work on the wall. The original deadline for bids has been delayed twice allowing interested companies to obtain more information on the government’s expectations.

"It appears that this has kind of been a rush job," said Proxmire. Noting that these are "design-build" contracts instead of "design-bid-build" contracts where bidders are given the design detail specifications, he said it is likely the government is "looking for ingenuity" in the designs and the bidders are given a lot of leeway in their design approaches.