July 28, 2017

Law360 quotes Ashley Craig on Russian sanctions

1 min

Venable partner Ashley Craig was quoted by Law360 on July 28, 2017, in an article stating looser Russian sanctions should not be expected anytime soon. In addition to sanctions on Russia’s energy, defense and financial sectors, and restrictions for interference in last year’s election, the new sanctions bill passed by Congress contains a provision allowing Congress to override any future presidential action to loosen sanctions on Russia.

If nothing else, the passage of the new bill demonstrates to the compliance community that sanctions are likely to gather strength, not lose it, in the near term. This is particularly true now that any move to loosen them is subject to congressional blockage, according to Craig.

"Here we have the legislative branch dictating to the executive branch, arguably in an area where they have shared jurisdiction," Craig said. "If you look historically at sanctions programs, they have been driven largely by the executive. It’s unique, but it’s getting a great deal of attention because of the current occupant of the Oval Office."