October 23, 2017 | Food Navigator

Food Navigator quotes Angel Garganta on ingredients claimed to be 'natural'

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Angel Garganta was quoted in Food Navigator on October 23, 2017, in an article discussing a lawsuit filed against claims of 'natural' ingredients in products containing xanthan gum. The plaintiff claims the fermentation process used to produce xanthan gum would not be considered 'natural,' however, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not state specific production processes disqualify an ingredient from being claimed as 'natural'.

"When plaintiffs quote the FDA 1991 guidance about 'nothing artificial or synthetic…has been added to foods, they always forget to quote the last part of the sentence: 'that would not normally be expected to be there,'" said Garganta.

"General Mills is arguing that xanthan gum – a very widely used ingredient that’s also allowed in organic products – is absolutely something consumers might expect to find in a salad dressing labeled 'natural.'"