December 22, 2017

Bloomberg Law quotes Nicholas Reiter on New York paid family leave law

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New York's paid family leave program, which is considered the most "far-reaching" of any state's paid family leave policy, takes effect January 1, 2018. New York becomes the fourth state to require paid family leave, which it recently signed into law. The article, which quotes Nick Reiter and was published on December 22, 2017 in Bloomberg Law, provides the scope and a summary of the law and discusses employer compliance concerns.

In remarks to reporters, Nick said, "employers should update their leave policies. They also should talk to their disability insurance carrier about obtaining family leave benefits, and take other steps to avoid costly errors." Nick continued, citing the law's relation protections, "Anti-retaliation and record-keeping training are good ways to avoid costly compliance mistakes. Managers should be informed that they are prohibited from treating an employee differently merely because he or she exercised the right to take paid family leave. Employers should also be aware that the law requires them to reinstate employees after a paid leave to the same or substantially the same job. That means employers must ensure a reinstated employee receives the same or substantially the same pay and benefits, as well as performs the same or substantially the same job duties."