May 23, 2018

Campaigns & Elections quotes Michael Signorelli in an article about the digital advertising industry's transparency initiatives

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On May 23, 2018, in Campaigns & ElectionsMichael Signorelli was quoted in an article about how candidates and groups may use a new tool for providing disclaimers on digital display political ads thanks to a new effort by the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA).

The DAA, the organization that runds the YourAdChoices program, recently launched an initiative that includes a PoliticalAd icon that political advertisers can use to provide transparency with respect to their ad campaigns.

Mr. Signorelli, who is counsel for the DAA said, "What this reflects is how industry can come together and provide standards and transparency for digital advertising."

By clicking on the PoliticalAd icon from a political ad, the voter can learn the name of the advertiser, contact information, and see links to government databases, disclaimers, and information about the campaign or group's leadership.

Entities, individuals, and groups that are engaged in online political advertising at the federal and for certain statewide elections would be covered by the transparency guidance in the new initiative. An industry working group is getting set to meet in the coming weeks to discuss implementation, which Signorelli predicted would happen before November.