September 07, 2018

Bloomberg Law quotes Bill Haddad on the significant drop in withdrawn IPOs amid a steady market, SEC changes

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On September 7, 2018, Bill Haddad was quoted in Bloomberg Law in an article about the significant drop in withdrawn IPOs this year compared to 2014, amid strong domestic markets and regulatory tweaks, which are seen to have added certainty to the decision-making process for going public.

Mr. Haddad said that significantly fewer withdrawn IPOs are a signal that more companies are satisfied with the market for their planned offerings and are confident they can accommodate regulators before taking the plunge. "We've been in a five-year period where the IPO market has been quite strong. So you've had a pretty good overall market, generally, and people just know ahead of time what sells and what doesn't. They know the sectors where they can go out and raise some money," he noted.

According to the article, one potential reason for the drop in the IPO withdrawal could be attributed to smaller companies who consider public offerings often testing the waters with potential investors.

Haddad notes it’s "certainly part of" the drop in IPO withdrawals.