February 07, 2019

SHRM Quotes Doreen Martin on How HR Professionals Can Set the Stage for Workplace Investigations

1 min

On February 7, 2019, Doreen Martin was quoted in SHRM on how to set the stage for a successful workplace investigation when an employee has launched a complaint against a co-worker. When an employee has complained about a colleague's behavior, legal experts say you need to put employees at ease as you interview them, but you also need to move quickly and ask questions that drill down to the truth of the matter.

Martin said that an HR professional investigating a complaint should schedule interviews for each witness at a convenient time and place and in a private location.

In addition, she said that when interviewing the subjects of any complaint, it’s important to tell them the details of any allegation so they can defend themselves. "Assure the [subject] that you are looking for the truth and the facts so that the complaint can be resolved fairly for all parties involved. It is also imperative to explain that the conversation will be kept as confidential as possible."