March 26, 2019

MediaPost quotes Michael Signorelli in an article on the complications of federal and state data privacy regulation following a panel event at the 4A's Decisions 20/20 Conference

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On March 26, 2019, in MediaPost, Michael Signorelli was quoted in an article about the potential race for privacy and data security legislation between the federal government and the states to see which legal body will come out on top at the "Regulation Could Rock Our World" panel at the 4A's Decisions 20/20 Conference. Speaking with co-panelists from Wunderman, American Express, and the 4As, Signorelli noted, "The Feds and the states are setting up a race to see which body of law will ultimately reign supreme. Every time a state passes its own privacy law that state's Congress becomes protective and far more vested in protecting its own bills". He added, "We are moving quickly to where we are going to have 50 different data collection and usage regulations. Such as a patchwork of data standards will not work". To provide an example for the audience, he said, "You can fly out of JFK under one set of guidelines, get off at [San Francisco] and be under an entirely different set of regulations."

All of the panelists agreed that federal law preemption will smooth the waters, but the light at the end of the tunnel would be a robust federal policy that looks ahead to advances in technology and also keeps consumer protection in mind.