June 10, 2019

HR Dive Quotes Nick Reiter on the Importance of Enforcing Timekeeping Rules

1 min

On June 10, 2019, Nick Reiter was quoted in HR Dive on the importance of enforcing timekeeping rules. According to the article, as much as HR leaders want to get out of the policing role and function instead as consultants, situations that involve compliance, such as salary and safety, require someone to be the referee.

Not enforcing accurate timekeeping is a common situation, Reiter told HR Dive. "Managers don't always understand the legal ramifications such as minimum wage and overtime wage claims," he said, but employers are obligated to track employee hours. If there is a dispute that goes to court and employers don't have records, the employee's account is assumed to be true, Reiter said. If a company is found liable, the costs could mount, particularly if the case becomes a class action suit.

HR leaders should explain the legal risks the manager puts the company under by not complying. Emphasizing that enforcing timekeeping is part of a manager's job is also important, Reiter said.

"Here's the real crux: most managers want to do this job," he added. "They just don't know how important it is."