January 10, 2020

Baltimore Business Journal Features Stacie Tobin’s New Role as Partner-in-Charge of the Firm’s Baltimore Office; Recognizes Venable as the Largest Law Firm in Baltimore Once Again

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On January 10, 2020, the Baltimore Business Journal recognized Venable as the largest law firm in the greater Baltimore area once again, and featured Stacie Tobin in a profile article on her new role as partner-in-charge of the Baltimore office. The following is an excerpt:

Baltimore is still a critically important piece. We operate in a number of markets that are larger than Baltimore, but I still think that the quality of lawyer we have here and the way those lawyers operate and influence what is happening in the business community is as good as you would find in other markets. The nice thing about this office is we all serve clients in the Baltimore business community and clients around the country. Because of that balance, this office has a significant influence in what is happening in the business community beyond the Baltimore region.