March 06, 2020

The Texas Tribune Quotes Ashley Craig on How the Coronavirus Could Hurt Texas Trade and Border Economy

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On March 6, 2020, The Texas Tribune quoted Ashley Craig on how the coronavirus could hurt Texas trade and border economy.

According to the article, economists monitoring the potential effects of the coronavirus on Texas’s international trade are adopting the tone of health officials: Be prepared, be prudent, but don't panic. But they believe it’s only a matter of time before a major disruption in the global supply chain affects the state’s economy.

Craig said the government and private sectors need to come together to inform the public better than they have.

“Unfortunately, there are too many unknowns. This is not a regional situation,” he said. “We do need to look to the government, the federal as well as the state and local levels, to provide some kind of continuity and stability. And at the same time, there needs to be an open discussion with the private sector. How can we address shortages in certain areas of the country? How do we allocate? Let’s openly discuss where we are.”