May 01, 2020 International Quotes Ashley Craig on Supply Chain Disruptions in Mexico Related to COVID-19

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On May 1, 2020, Ashley Craig was quoted in International on supply chain disruptions in Mexico, where quarantine measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 have rendered several companies unable to manufacture items for industries deemed essential in the U.S.

According to the article, Mexico’s export-driven $1.2 billion economy depends heavily on U.S. customers. Discussions behind the scenes are under way to open manufacturing for a host of products in Mexico, from cars to electronics, as the U.S. inches closer to restarting the economy. But Mexico—a key supplier of both parts and finished goods for the U.S.—is further behind on the infection curve, and officials there are wary of putting their people at risk.

Craig advises clients to reach out regularly to business groups and other stakeholders in addition to government contacts to keep tabs on developments. “Don’t simply sit by and be consumed by events—keep working on mitigating the impact of the changing economy, with an eye towards a return to normalcy,” said Craig. “Collaboration is key in these times.”

Trade in Latin America appears to be on the decline, says Craig, in line with slowed economic activity around the globe. Yet he continues to see intense interest in sourcing personal protection equipment after having previously helped end-users identify suppliers to ship those scarce materials to various points in the region.