June 11, 2020

CAF Worldwide’s Quarterly Forecast Quotes Ashley Craig on Changes Within the Apparel Industry

1 min

Ashley Craig was quoted in the April issue of CAF Worldwide's Quarterly Forecast on what he’s been experiencing, hearing, and seeing within the apparel industry, and his overall outlook for the next few quarters.

"The closest I’ve seen to our current situation was in 2008-2009 during the Great Recession. We were at 2016 levels before, but now every single increase has gone down, and we need to take the long view," said Craig.

"I don’t think anyone believes even half a sense of normalcy at the end of March. We’re looking at this being the situation of the new normal through April and maybe into May. I’m looking at Hong Kong and China, it hasn’t been six months—it’s been four to six weeks. They have taken decisive action and are seeing a shift and a pivot. So why would we be any different?"