Tim Carroll, Manny Caixeiro, Steve Lubezny, and Catherine Taylor Prevail in ITC Investigation on Behalf of Leading Smart Thermostat Manufacturer

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Tim Carroll, Manny CaixeiroSteve Lubezny, and Catherine Taylor secured a high-profile win for client ecobee at the International Trade Commission (ITC) in a complaint brought by competitor EcoFactor. The complaint, originally filed by EcoFactor in October 2019, accused ecobee and other companies of importing Wi-Fi–enabled smart thermostats and HVAC systems that infringed on four of its patents, purportedly related to systems that can intelligently and remotely control the temperature in a home or building. In early 2021, the ITC made an initial determination in favor of ecobee, finding that there was no violation of Section 337 of the Trade Act. On July 20, 2021, ecobee prevailed yet again as the ITC released a final determination stating that it had reviewed the record in this investigation and confirmed the original findings.

“We are thrilled to see ecobee prevail in this investigation.  Our team performed at an elite level, and we are more than pleased to secure this win for ecobee,” said Mr. Carroll.