September 15, 2021

Reuters Quotes Tyler Welti on Illinois’ Ban on Fossil Fuel Electricity Sources

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On September 15, 2021, Tyler Welti was quoted by Reuters on the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act, a new law in Illinois that sets a roadmap to ban coal in the state, eliminate other fossil-fuel sources of electricity, and provide only "clean energy," including nuclear.

According to the article, Illinois, a large coal producer, will provide its struggling nuclear power plants $700 million over five years in the form of carbon-mitigation credits and double current investment into wind and solar energy, increasing it to as much $580 million a year.

The law also requires all private coal-fired power plants that have a capacity of more than 25 megawatts, numbering about half a dozen, and a handful of oil-fired power plants to emit zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, while natural-gas fired power plants of that size must reach zero emissions by 2045. Municipal coal-fired power plants have until 2045 to do the same. The law creates a program to help coal-fired power plants turn into solar facilities.

Welti said the law "is likely to be a market driver outside the state too, as other states follow suit."

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