March 23, 2022

Financial Times Quotes Ashley Craig on the Biden Administration’s Review of Critical Foreign Supply Chains

1 min

On February 24, 2022, Ashley Craig was quoted in Financial Times on the Biden administration’s review of critical foreign supply chains to reduce the US’s dependence on China and other rivals for everything from rare earths and drug ingredients to semiconductors.

According to the article, the US president signed an executive order requiring federal agencies to conduct 100-day reviews of supply chains for semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, electric vehicle batteries, and critical minerals used in manufacturing products such as cars and weapons.

One critic of the approach said the new administration should move more quickly to address supply chain vulnerabilities by building on studies that were conducted during the Trump administration.

Craig said the Biden team was engaging in a “careful balancing act” because it wanted to tackle supply chain vulnerabilities but “did not want to agitate trading partners who are just coming back in from the cold” after Donald Trump’s “America first” approach.

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