August 10, 2022

Washington Times Quotes Erik Jones on Next Steps in the House Oversight and Reform Committee’s Investigation of the Washington Commanders

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On August 10, 2022, Erik Jones was quoted in the Washington Times on the House Oversight and Reform Committee’s next steps in its investigation of the Washington Commanders and team owner Dan Snyder’s workplace conduct.

According to the article, details have yet to emerge about Snyder’s July 28 deposition before the committee, and lawmakers have been noncommittal about where the investigation into Snyder and the team’s workplace misconduct goes next. The House is on its August recess, and, while staff members of the committee are still working, the break decreases the odds that anything significant will happen this month.

“It’s unusual for a committee to make any significant public moves during the August recess,” said Jones. “While you can’t rule it out, it’s unlikely to see a committee take any major public actions during the August recess when members are back home in their districts.  So whatever’s coming, it’s unlikely to happen before Labor Day.”

“At the same time, it’s also important to note that lawyers for the committee do continue to work on investigations during the August recess. The work doesn’t stop,” Jones said.

The committee now has the discretion to decide if — and when — any of the information obtained during the deposition is released publicly. That could come in the form of a full transcript or in portions. “The committee has broad authority and flexibility when it comes to releasing a deposition transcript or recording,” Jones said.

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