April 12, 2023

Inspiring People and Places Podcast Features Ken Roberts in an Interview About Keeping Big Projects on Track

1 min

On April 12, 2023, Ken Roberts was featured on Inspiring People and Places podcast, where he discussed how and why construction projects end up in mediation, how to avoid it, and how the industry can help alleviate legal problems at the inception stage.

“You’ve got to work with the engineers and work with the schedulers to look at project data and identify what the issues are so you can work those issues out before a problem occurs and get resolution,” said Roberts. “Because the truth of the matter is when a project goes commercial, when there is litigation or there’s a claim, the parties on site take their eye off the ball, they take their eye off chasing the schedule and they become more fixed on explaining a commercial position to their bosses,” he said. 

Click here to listen to the podcast.