May 23, 2023

FierceElectronics Quotes Elizabeth Manno on Regulating AI Technology to Protect Intellectual Property

1 min

On May 17, 2023, Elizabeth Manno was quoted in FierceElectronics on the regulation of AI technology and the protection of intellectual property.

According to the article, the Senate held a hearing on May 16, 2023, featuring OpenAI’s Sam Altman and raised questions about protecting intellectual property including the AI algorithms being written by companies across multiple industries.

“The law is running a little bit behind the tech, but there are strategies to protect IP and you have to get ahead…Any company needs a cohesive IP strategy, AI or not,” said Manno.

A big concern for companies will be in differentiating what was created by humans and what was created by AI. “That insight informs what types of IP protection you need,” she said.