September 28, 2023

Bloomberg Quotes Richard DiNucci and Ashley Craig on How a U.S. Government Shutdown Will Impact Trade Enforcements

1 min

On September 28, 2023, Richard DiNucci and Ashley Craig were quoted in Bloomberg on the looming government shutdown’s consequences for international commerce. According to the article, there are several possibilities, based on actions in previous federal closures, including import-related services coming to a temporary halt and the Federal Maritime Commission suspending nearly all activities.

While the overall impact on imports should be minimal, DiNucci explained that “the export community will notice delays in license processing and reviews as BIS, OFAC, and Census will be impacted to varying degrees.”

“A closed federal government, if it happens, would hit shippers just as overall trade volumes are soft,” said Craig. “There is no time that’s good for a shutdown, but given global economic conditions, this is the best of the worst conditions.”

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