September 27, 2023

Law360 Quotes Elizabeth Manno on Limited AI Applications in Patent Processes

1 min

On September 27, 2023, Elizabeth Manno was quoted in Law360 on the role current artificial intelligence (AI) systems can play in the labor-intensive work of creating patent applications. According to the article, AI tools may be able to take on much of the patent application process in the future, but the technology of today is very far from that point.             

“There's definitely a future for all of this,” explained Manno, “[but] I don't think there's a reliance yet among lawyers. I guess we're probably all glad that we still have jobs, and they still need us to do some of this. I could see a day in the future where that is commonplace, but I just don't think we're there yet.”

"If you have to keep giving additional feedback and data and improving upon and tweaking the data you get back from AI, eventually you may as well have just done it yourself," Manno added on the limitations of current AI systems.

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